Mustard Yellow Cardigan.

Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Fall Flowers | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You
Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Someone Like You

Checkered Dress (Similar from Kate Spade + on sale!) | Thrifted
Mustard Yellow Cardigan (amazingly cute one for $59) | Forever21 (so old!)
Silk Neck Scarf (love this rust one in the same style) | Thrifted
Black Booties | Thrifted
Mini Backpack (SO cute similar one) | Thrifted
Red Beret (buy one here)| Target (old)
Black Belt w/ Gold Buckle (similar from Nordstrom) | Thrifted

Hello there ♥

I've needed all things in my life to be mustard yellow this fall. I begged my parents to ship me fall clothes before my recent trip home. Not that I needed the clothes because it's cold (still 80 degrees here in NYC!) but mainly because it couldn't be October if I didn't bring out my favorite mustard yellow cardigan. I bought this sweater many moons ago at Forever21. So many I can't even remember how long I've had it, or really when I even bought it during the year. It's my favorite wardrobe piece to pull out when the air begins to grow crisp (although the air was just muggy in these photos lol). Since I've had such affection for this cardigan (the many pills and pulls are evidence), I've set out to accumulate more mustard yellow pieces for my life. I have a mustard beret from Target I love pairing with red; picked up a cozy knit blanket from Target for my bed here in NYC; and even a mini bowl for my air plant caught my eye at my fave NYC dish shop, Fishes Eddy. Oh, also a big proponent of gold eye shadow atm. Fellow brown eyed girls, I'm sure you can feel me on the magic sparkle it brings to the eye.

Mustard yellow, you have my heart forever!

With much love,


Red Velvet Ribbon.

Red Velvet Ribbon Choker | Someone Like You
Red Velvet Ribbon | Someone Like You
Bed-Stuy Brooklyn Blogger
Printed Mini Skirt | Someone Like You
Red Choker | Someone Like You
Black Denim Jacket Outfit | Someone Like You

Denim Jacket (super similar from Mango) | Thrifted
Black Boat Neck Top (similar)| H&M
Printed Skirt (love this similar one with a larger print!) | Thrifted
Knee Socks | Uniqlo
Boots (similar with amazing lace detail!) | Thrifted
Red Velvet Ribbon (very similar from Express) | Paper Presentations

Hi guys!

So sorry I've been MIA. I just spent 5 days in Ohio with my family and got back to NYC last night. I have SO many photos to share with you all: both outfits from before my trip and many amongst the fall foliage back home. Cutting this short tonight to work on editing some pictures-- missed you all and glad to be back! Tell me what you've been up to. x

With much love,


Chunky Fall Layers.

Chunky Fall Layers | Someone Like You
Fall Outfit with Plaid Scarf
Fall Outfit Chunky Sweater
Cozy Fall Outfit Ideas
Plaid Scarf Fall Outfit
Fall Outfit Blogger
Hipster Glasses Outfit
Glasses for a Round Face

Chunky Knit Sweater (very similar!) | Thrifted
Jeans (similar from ASOS)| Thrifted
Plaid Scarf (similar from Kohl's) | Store in Florence
Boots (love these updated velvet for fall!) | Thrifted
Patent Purse (similar from JCP!) | Thrifted
Glasses (similar for $68)| Fore Greene Flea

I'm at that crossroad lately that every girl is approximately every six months where it seems like it would be a good idea to get bangs. 

I mean it's a nice way to change up your look, right? Easy. Subtle. Cheaper than a full hair cut. (hey, I just got out of college, don't judge me). Bangs always seem like a good idea in theory. Taylor Swift's perfectly toulsed. Zooey Deschanel's always cute blunt. Classics like adorably retro Audrey Hepburn mini bangs. Heck, even Harry Styles with his weirdly attractive botched bangs make me think they're a good idea.

But although bangs always seem to look good on Hollywood starlets and that girl on the subway with a basket of fresh vegetables and Fall 2016's Chloe bag tossed over her shoulder... it's important to realize that:

Yeah. Bangs are never a good idea. You end up looking 15 years younger than you were before you walked in and when you wake up there's always a weird cow lick on one side of 'em. You've got to blow dry them every time you wash your hair (wow, hello annoying), and they never look as good as when you got them done in the salon (and even then they didn't look good). Not to mention they give you mad acne on your forehead that takes you 6 months to clear up.

And at that next six month point when the final pimple is gone, you decide you're ready to try bangs again. They couldn't have been that bad last time, right?

With much love,


NYC Chic.

NYC Chic Outfit
Chic NYC Outfit
Outfit NYC Chic
Faux Leather Jacket Outfit
Bow Tie Blouse
NYC Chic Outfit Blogger
H&M Jacket
NYC Chic

White Blouse (very similar from Uniqlo) | Thrifted
Black Pants (similar style)| H&M
Faux Leather Jacket (this one is identical to mine!) | H&M
Black Flats (similar with grommets | Thrifted
Satin Bow | Paper Presentation

Hi guys!

This is an outfit I wore last week to work one day. I keep seeing these ridiculously chic women wearing satin bows...under collars, as chokers, hanging down from the neckline of dresses. I knew I had to get one! There's this adorable stationary store in NYC called Paper Presentations in the Flat Iron district that not only has decorative paper, but all sorts of colorful trims. I bought two yards of this black satin for $1.99 and picked up a skinny bit of red velvet, too. I've never been a huge necklace lover, so scarves and various types of trim fill that space marvelously!

It has been a very busy weekend here, so it feels nice to lay in bed with my tea to write this blog post. I had a roommate move out and another move in which set the apartment is a state of disarray all weekend. I've been about Brooklyn trying to thrift pieces little knick knacks we now need, and hauling it all back to the apartment. Then my OTHER roommate and I made the trip to IKEA today to buy furniture we're missing. Kinda odd when you have a dining room table with no chairs to sit in lol. Anyways, it was a long trip to get there, haul everything back, and then put it all together this evening. My wimpy little arms are crying! :'( I can't lie, it does feel nice to have these new things to make our apartment feel home-y again. I love spending time at this place! It's the perfect refuge at the end of a long day.

Will be back soon with another post: Happy October! Perhaps the greatest month of the year :)

With much love,


Cora | Period with a Purpose.

Cora Period with a Purpose
100 million girls across the world lack the appropriate products needed to manage their period. 100 million. An unfathomable number to me. Usually when my time of the month rolls around, I do an inner (and often outer) groan. Inconvenience, pain, and extra trips to the pharmacy. But I am so lucky really. I can afford menstrual products. Heck, I have access to menstrual products at any street corner I choose. I'm able to go to work as normal, be active as normal, and live my life as normal.

When a girl in another country get her period, she doesn't get to be normal. She often has to stay at home and miss school because she doesn't have the products to handle her period. In Indian alone, one in four girls drop out of school once they get their period.

Cora Organic Tampons

I know many women today (including myself) who still get embarrassed about my period. It doesn't matter if you're 12 and getting it for the first time, or 55 and getting it for the last. Society makes women getting their period feel embarrassed. It comes from an early age where we feel we need to hide our pads in our backpacks at school so the boys don't see or make fun of us. Or, bringing our purse to the bathroom at work because we can't just go around carrying a tampon. Even girl to girl we often don't talk about our periods. It's very hush-hush, privately kept to each woman. It's perfectly fine if a woman wants to keep it private: it's her choice! But she should never, ever feel like she has to keep it private due to embarrassment or shame.

I don't do a lot of sponsored posts any more because I always want to appear transparent and honest with you guys. But I think part of continuing an honest conversation is partnering with brands that promote honesty and promote change. That's why I wanted to partner with Cora.

Cora Tampon Review

Tampon Delivery Service Cora

Cora is a menstrual delivery service for your monthly needs. The essence of the company stems from women helping other women. For every box of products sent to your door each month, Cora gives a girl in a developing country her own month's worth of products. That way she can continue doing whatever she puts her mind to. 

Cora Tampons Review
Not only is the purchase (and the added convenience!) of using the Cora service beneficial to women around the world, but it's also beneficial to you and your body, too. Many store-bought products contain chemicals, as well as, pesticides left over from the bleaching process of the cotton. These sort of synthetics can lead to the cause of cancer, endometriosis, and even infertility. Cora wanted to change the harmful bi-products in tampons and created 100% organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic tampons.

Cora Tampons

Organic Tampons

When it comes to the shame and embarrassment surrounding periods that I previously talked about, Cora's got your back on that, too. In the monthly box, you receive a box of tampons where you choose the absorbency, a sleek black clutch for sticking in your purse, and mini stowaways that serve as convenient covers for you to slip a tampon in your back pocket without anyone knowing. Everything is clean, classic, and chicly designed. You would think a service with this many benefits would be more than the $9.99 you pay for a 12 pack of tampons at CVS... but Cora's prices are around $12 for a full month of tampons. Oh...and did I mention free shipping? *eyes light up*

Cora Review

I was able to try out Cora for two of my cycles and everything ran so smoothly. The products are comfortable, convenient, and covert. Best of all was knowing that a girl somewhere in the world could continue pursing her dreams; just like me here in NYC. Definitely check around on Cora's site and read their incredible story if you have time. With Cora, we can all have period with a purpose. x

With much love,


Just a Little Rusty.

Rust Colored Outfit
Vintage 70s Inspired Outfit
70's Outfit | NYC Style Blog
Vintage Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera Blouse
70s Blouse | NYC Fashion Blog
Someone Like You Blog Outfit
Fall Tones | NYC Fashion Blog
Vintage 70s Blouse | NYC Fashion Blog

Vintage Carolina Herrera Blouse (similar)| Thrifted
Suede Mini Skirt (very similar) | Thrifted
Tan Loafers (similar for $25!) | Thrifted
Silk Scarf (similar style) | Thrifted
Mini Satchel (similar for $35) | Thrifted
Gold Flower Clip Earrings | Thrifted

Rust is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall. The warm, deep tones go so well with the fleeting evening light and turning leaves. There is a crispness to the hue that I just love. A feeling of being very put together, but daring at the same time since it's not a standard neutral like black, navy, or white.

I thrifted this vintage Carolina Herrera blouse a few weeks back at the local Goodwill here in Brooklyn. A lot of people ask me how I find items like this. I have very odd methods. I actually don't take my time when I'm going through the racks in thrift stores. I flip through the items very quickly because so much of it is bleh...but sometimes my hand touches nice fabric or I spot a very interesting pattern. These are clues where I just know it's a special piece. That was the case with this blouse. It's made of incredibly soft silk and feels so lightweight and breathable on these still somewhat sticky in-between days. I love the almost finger print like pattern and the little tendrils of curled fabric down the bodice if you look carefully. Originally I was going to sell this piece in an Etsy shop for vintage I'm working on putting together...but I'm not so sure now! This blouse paired so nicely with my trusty suede mini skirt and well-worn loafers.

On a personal note, life has been throwing me lots of lemons it seems lately. When will it be time to make lemonade and join the Bey-Hive, you know? My life often is (like many others) a series of getting kicked down with one thing after another after another...eventually it will all turn around though. These things take time though and time has never been my friend. Truthfully, after awhile it just gets hard to believe in yourself any longer. A special flame you may have once thought you had seems to just dim little by little until there's only the tiniest of sparks...but there's still a light going: and that's something worth holding onto. x

With much love,


Going for the Gold.

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Going for the Gold | Someone Like You
Going for the Gold | Someone Like You
Going for the Gold | Someone Like You
Going for the Gold | Someone Like You
Going for the Gold | Someone Like You
Going for the Gold | Someone Like You

White Collared Blouse (similar) | Forever21
Gold Tank (similar) | Thrifted
Floral Skirt (similar from Forever21) | Thrifted
Black Belt with Gold Buckle (similar)| Thrifted
Black Sandals | c/o Boohoo

Around a month ago I was browsing the fashion section of a local book store and I came across a book that really caught my attention. It was called Brooklyn Street Style. I flipped through it a bit and couldn't help but get extremely excited because I've been looking for something exactly like this.

People in Brooklyn have a very unique way of dressing that is quite unlike people in Manhattan, or really people I've seen anywhere. It is such an intriguing way of dressing, no matter what the style is. The person could be very feminine, very edgy, very sophisticated, or even very disheveled looking: and they all have this common thread uniting them in Brooklyn style that I haven't been able to put my finger on how to achieve.

The style here is very nonchalant but in a thoughtful way. The ease of Brooklyn style dressing is what really fascinates me. No one puts on false airs here. Each person fully embraces who they are outwardly, yet in fully functional style. There's no towering heels and uncomfortable dresses like in Manhattan. Everything  is about clothing being mobile to take us through the many phases and roles we go through in our days.

I ended up buying the book and it was amazing. It offered so much insight to the reasoning and inspiration on how real people in Brooklyn dress. It's filled with beautiful pictures and wonderful little excerpts from long-time Brooklynites working in various industries from fashion to art, beauty and cooking. I highly recommend this book to anyone, even if you don't live in Brooklyn. It just opens up so much thought into clothing choices and the singularity we can tap into.

This outfit was actually inspired by the book! It's definitely not an ensemble I would have normally put together. But I thought about various elements discussed in the book and who I wanted to be that day and how much this outfit could help me do that (and more). I came up with this different way to wear my tank top and a more eccentric approach to styling the skirt. I got more compliments than I have in a long time from my coworkers, and I think it was because I got out of my comfort zone and stepped into a deeper part of me I didn't know existed.

I am very passionate about clothes. It may sound like a dumb, frivolous passion, but clothes are so much more than a material possession to me. They say so much about my occupation, my social circle, my mood...they connect us and speak volumes that sometimes we can't say ourselves.

With much love,

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