Mixing Prints for Work.

mixing prints for work
how to make mixed prints work
outfit mixing prints
NYC fashion blogger outfit

Small Plaid Blouse (similar) | Thrifted
Pinstripe Flounce Skirt (similar quirky styles here here and here) | Thrifted
Black Sandals | c/o Boohoo (old).
Neck Scarf  (similar + love this one!)| Thrifted

Hi guys!

The dress code at my workplace is pretty go with the flow, but sometimes I like to wear more classically corporate looks. I  was thrifting at the Goodwill in Fort Greene a few weekends ago and happened upon this pinstripe skirt. Pinstripes to me are the ultimate workplace print. I love how retailers spice up the corporate staple in an array of fun, quirky shapes each season. This skirt was originally from J.Crew, and I love the little flounce at the bottom that makes it so fun and flirty. I wanted to keep that vibe going and steer this look from coming off too serious. So, I did some print mixing. Cats out of the bag, but I am not a master mixer. Some bloggers seem to effortlessly combine florals with stripes; polka dots with plaid. I'm over here usually looking less chic and more like I-closed-my-eyes-and-picked-this-outfit-out. Thought I might as well give it a go despite my track record. Luckily in NYC I'll never be the craziest dressed person on the subway.

The small, subtle checks on my shirt balance out the big and bold stripes on my skirt. It's important the pieces exist in harmony instead of competing. This entire spring and summer I've also been tying little scarves around my neck, even on the hottest of days. Nothing like polyester to choke the last bits of breathable air outta ya. x

With much love,


Denim Overall Dress.

denim overall dress
how to style a denim overall dress
raw edge overall dress
someone like you blog
brooklyn blogger outfit
outfit in brooklyn

Denim Overall Dress (similar here here and here) | Thrifted DIY
Black T-Shirt with Rainbows (similar) | Thrifted
Tan Loafers (identical for $35!) | Thrifted
Brown Crossbody Purse (similar) | Thrifted
Black Hat | c/o OASAP (old)

Hi everyone! ♥

Happy Sunday to you all. It has been miserably hot here in NYC. I went exploring around Williamsburg yesterday and after about 3 hours in the 100+ heat I felt so sick. I spent the rest of the evening at home relaxing in the AC with my plants and watching Freaks and Geeks. How could only one season be made of this amazing show?! I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I relate to Lindsey so much on so many levels. And vintage James Franco...swoon.

My paycheck really goes towards three main things lately: rent, coffee, and plants. I've become obsessed with decorating my room with them. I want every species in every size. I never had a penchant for plants before in Ohio, but I think it was because I was constantly surrounded by nature and didn't feel the need. Since the city is lacking in greenery, it is so calming to be surrounded by it in your own little personal space. I picked up a little Mickey Mouse cactus this weekend and I might love it more than my cat lol.

These photos were taken on a sweltering day last week in a nearby neighborhood. I keep passing by this awesome carriage house and had to take photos in front of it and around the brownstones. Obsessed with this outfit, too! It's the eptitome of what most Brooklyn babes are wearing this summer. I keep seeing adorable denim overall dresses all over and had to get one for myself. I picked a long, dowdy one up at the thrift store and chopped it to a cuter mini length. Raw edge denim is super popular right now, so I didn't bother with a hem. I love it so much! Paired it with my sweet little rainbow t-shirt I thrifted back in Ohio. It's originally from Old Navy. I feel like it was something I definitely owned growing up as a kid.

Love you all so much! Have a lovely Sunday. x

With much love,


Colorful Vintage in Clinton Hill.

colorful vintage top
plaid vintage
loly in the sky shoes
colorful plaid crop top
vintage crop top
brooklyn fashion blogger
bed-stuy, brooklyn

Outfit Details:

Colorful Vintage Plaid Crop Top (similar)| Thrifted
Denim High Waisted Shorts (similar) | Thrifted
Irina Flats (on sale!) | c/o Loly in the Sky
White Scarf | Thrifted
Quilted Crossbody Purse (very similar for under $25) | Thrifted

Hi guys ♥

Another Brooklyn outfit! I seriously do love living in Brooklyn. At first I was really unsure. Brooklyn is so different from the city itself. There's really no rhyme or reason to the streets and I was so unfamiliar with all the neighborhoods...now that I'm two months settled in though I find a great peace here coming back to my sunny little room in Bedford-Stuyvesant after work. To be honest...I don't live in a great neighborhood. But that's okay. I know I'm just starting out and it's what I can afford at this time. It's definitely not quintessentially cute Brooklyn. I walk around 10 minutes away to the near by Clinton Hill neighborhood to take photos. It's not safe to have a camera out on the sidewalk in bed-stuy, so it's just best if I walk a little ways out. Although though my street is a little rough, I love where I live nonetheless. It has a lot of character and is representational of how most working class people in Brooklyn live. (not yuppies on their parents trust fund, ya hear).

Anyway, this past weekend I went thrifting at the Goodwill in Fort Greene which is my go to place. I found this adorable little crop top for under $5 :') It's perfection. A bit tight on me, but I'll die before I give it up! I wore a longer denim skirt to be more appropriate for work, but for every day wear in this summer heat it's perfect paired with denim shorts.

Goodnight cuties! x

With much love,


Black Silk Slip Dress.

black silk slip dress
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kiss kiss bamg bang lipstick
le marc lip creme in kiss kiss bang bang
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sephora birthday gift 2016

Outfit Details:

Black Silk Slip Dress (very similar for $35!) | Thrifted
Choker (identical for $4) | DIY
Sandals (similar) | c/o Boohoo (old)

Hi everyone!
It has been so hot here in NYC. We get hit with heat wave after heat wave...a lot of smart ladies have tuned to the slip dress trend to beat the heat. I scoured the fast-fashion stores and every place was asking $30, $40, or $50+ for a little piece of fabric. I knew I could find something similar at the thrift store at a fraction of the price.

I forgot to mention I went home to Ohio very briefly a few weekends ago before my birthday, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got off that plane was go thrifting. Okay, maybe I wanted to hug my family first, but going thrifting was a close second. Thrifting is all I've known for the past 8 years that I've developed my personal style. I rarely purchase clothing new in stores, so it is difficult to find clothing here in NYC. I've tried thrifting, but it's easier said then done. The prices are way jacked up, and instead of vintage there's a lot of mainstream brands. I have been getting better at finding things here (you really gotta look), but I'll just never have the luck I do in Ohio.

Snatched this slip dress up real quick in the thrift store in Ohio. It's been exactly what I've looked for! It's definitely a Victoria's Secret nightgown, but w/e. I'm too hot most days to care, and New Yorkers teach me that anything goes style wise here. I think I maybe paid $1.50 for it which makes my heart sing. My family definitely looked at me with quizzical faces chock full of judgment, but ya gotta go with what you know (and what you won't sweat through in 2 minutes tops).

Wanted to style this simple black slip dress well...simply. Minimal, no-fuss accessories. The choker is when I was into DIYing back in Kent this spring. I simply bought some suede cord at Hobby Lobby along with some beads and bada bing bada boom I had a choker. Another fashion piece you can create so easily at home without paying retailer's ridiculous mark up prices. $15 for a piece of string? Come on Urban...

Anyways, hope ya'll like this outfit! It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but the city has really been influencing my style lately. I've also fallen in love with Lua of Le Happy's style. She's a fellow NYC gal and always looks so effortlessly cool. I can dream!

With much love,


An Education.

pratt institute fashionpratt institute brooklyn
pratt institute campus
prestigious art school located in brooklyn
an education outifit
an education movie outfit

Outfit Details:

Peter Pan Collar Blouse (similar) | Forever21
Black Circle Skirt (similar) from Modcloth) | Thrifted
Black Patent J. Crew Flats (very similar for $15!) | Thrifted
Silk Scarf  (similar)| Thrifted

I live not too far from The Pratt Institute--a pretty prestigious art school located here in Brooklyn. I wandered onto the campus a few weeks back through the open gates, and my breath was shockingly taken away. Not quite sure what I was expecting a college in NYC to be like, but certainly not how Pratt is. It was like I stepped back onto my campus at Kent State. Everything was so lush green and canopied by towering trees. Students milled around and sat peacefully in groups on the grass. I envied them so much. It's no secret that since starting my career I've missed school dearly. It's all I've ever known. I'm the type of person who does really well in a school setting. I like having check points that I can go off of to track my progress and feel as though I'm working towards something. In the corporate world...it's not quite so methodical. You kind of just float around and there are no bench marks for growing. You go to work and that's it. You don't pass papers, tests, classes, or grades. You just work. It's an odd concept for me and one I've had to adapt to.

Being on Pratt's campus flooded back fond memories of school through the 16 years I attended. It was an odd feeling, but I felt like I fit in there at Pratt. I wanted to pretend I was a student, just for an evening, and be back at that point of my life again. Of course  that's mega creepy and I didn't do it. But a part of me wished I could just be them...

The weird thing is I can. Graduate school never crossed my mind before recently. I thought it was a waste of time because in the fashion industry, having anything higher than a bachelors is mostly just for the individual's desires. Acquiring a Masters or PHD in fashion (aside from becoming a professor) won't get you much further: it's all about experience in fashion. Just because getting a masters won't get me a better job, however, doesn't mean I can't consider it. I love to learn. I love to grow. I want to know everything there is to know about my industry and the related fields around it.

It's definitely too soon to decide whether I want to go back to school or not. I want to feel REALLY ready. For now I'm content building up experience in my field of work and getting to know the ropes of fulltime employment. It's just nice to know that my dreams don't have to stop: they can always continue to evolve and grow where they please. x

With much love,


Lots of Changes.

off the shoulder striped top
h&m striped top
how to style a striped top
fort greene flea glasses

Outfit Details

Off the Shoulder Striped Top  (exact)| H&M
Denim Button Front Skirt (very similar) | Thrifted
Mini Backpack (very similar from Coach) | Thrifted
Black Sandals (similar) | c/o Boohoo (old)
Black Frame Glasses (similar) | Fort Greene Flea
Lipstick (exact)| MAC Russian Red

Hello everyone!

I missed you all so.much. It's been hard to be away from blogging, but I've just had lots of changes and things going on in the last month. Let's start with an obvious one: these glasses!

I grew up from kindergarden on wearing glasses. Certainly I don't have the fondest memories in them. I definitely was teased in school and they made me feel so nerdy and unattractive. I got contacts in 7th grade and haven't looked back (har har) since. My eye doctor suggested to me before my move to NYC that I contemplate getting them for work since I'd be staring at a screen all day. I went the first month of my job not using them, and then my eyes began straining so much I knew it was time...I picked these up at a lovely stand at the local Fort Green Flea Market one Saturday. The stand sells vintage glasses and sunglasses, as well as new but vintage inspired frames (which is what mine are). It feels very odd to be wearing glasses again, and I was a bit skeptical at first...but I find that I picked the perfect pair for me and that I can certainly see better. Win win no matter what those bullies said in the past about my four eyes ✌️

The past 6 weeks, unfortunately, have been plagued by debilitating health issues for me. It started at work one day where I got incredibly dizzy and couldn't look at my computer screen any longer. I would start to feel nauseous, light headed, and have tunnel vision. I thought the glasses might help, but they didn't. I started seeing a chiropractor since I've always had a bad neck...and that didn't help either. My symptoms got more severe, sustained, and varied in nature. I often feel like I'm out of my body and not in reality, which has been so scary. Feeling faint, tingling of my arms and legs, rapid heart beating, extreme tiredness...the list goes on. It's been affecting my work and my life. It's exhausting to wake up every day and be faced with the fact that I have to trudge through another day feeling sick again, unable to do anything mandatory, let alone fun. This is a big reason why I haven't been blogging. Most evenings I feel too terrible after work to do anything, and the rest of the evenings have been filled with different doctor's appointments trying to sort this all out. It's also been very hard to go through all this on my own, without my parents. I don't have any physicians or offices I regularly go to since I just moved here, so everything is very foreign and a real task to get done.

Today I had an appointment with a neurologist though who led me onto some good ideas to as what might be causing all of this. There's still no definite answer, so I'll probably wait till a later time to share a possible solution when I have one. I am just really, really hoping that this doctor is right and things will start to get better...I've been rather down since still being new to the city, transitioning into the workforce, and now dealing with my health. It's been a lot to take in!

THEN there was my birthday. Ah birthdays. How I hate them. I like celebrating others', just not my own. My own birthday always sneaks up on me because it's August first. July will be cruising by and then all of a sudden it's the 31st and I realize the next day is "it." This year I turned 23. A very 'old' age to me. When I was younger, this seemed to me to be a real adult age. And it kind of is. Done with school, moved out on my own, a "big girl" job. But yet I feel very unfulfilled and restless. I don't know what else I would have expected myself to have accomplished at only 23, but I guess just to feel more adult like (whatever that means). I know it might sound quite odd to a lot of you, but I  also just hate all of the attention my birthday brings. I am so grateful for all of the well wishes and people who go out of their way to make my day special, but it just causes me so much unwarranted anxiety. I feel the need to repay these people, even if they don't expect to be. I just hate feeling like I "owe" people something. I'm a loner and introvert and have always done everything on my own. Partly because it's easier, partly because I don't like owning people anything. Money, time, love...anything. Birthdays are supposed to be fun, but for me they're always a let down of expectations I try  not to have, but somehow develop anyways. Just glad that it's over for another year, and I can continue trying to make my new age feel better than the previous.

Is that it for changes? I think so! Still thrifting a bunch, still love coffee, and still adore you all ♥  Hope to be blogging more soon....it's coming up 8 years in November that I've been doing this whole internet thing. Crazy! Although I don't blog as much as I used to, I still love it and cherish the down time I have to do it.

What have ya'll been up to lately? Tell me about your lives! x

With much love, Lauren

Vintage Paisley Scarf

vintage paisley scarf
fort greene flea vintage
where to find vintage scarf
vintage scarf fashion
bed-stuy in brooklyn
vintage paisley
blogger wearing vintage scarf
Vintage Paisley Scarf (very similar to mine) : Fort Green Flea.
Navy Sleeveless Sweater Dress (identical!): Thrifted.
Brown Purse (similar from Target): Thrifted.
Pearl Drop Earrings: Thrifted.
Black Sandals: c/o Boohoo (old).

Hi there ♥

Back with an outfit I shot the other day! I usually get off work at 5 and can be back home to Brooklyn by 5:45. I shot this outfit in the nearby neighborhood of Fort Green: filled with quiet, brownstone lined streets. Although this is a sweater dress, it surprisingly offers a lot of air circulation: much needed in these exhausting 90 degree temps we've been having in NYC. That may not seem high to some of you, but when you add in the hot exhaust from all the cars + the sheer number of bodies in the city + no air circulating around massive buildings...winter starts sounding not half bad.

Anyways, there is also a flea market in Fort Greene every Saturday and Sunday. It's a spin off of the Brooklyn Flea, and is an amazing maze of vintage dealers, food stands, antique knick knacks, and artisan made goods. My kind of place. I've been looking high and low for the perfect vintage paisley scarf with red coloring for awhile now, and found one at the flea! I was so pleased since it was the perfect size for wearing around the neck, or tying it around my purse handle. For $5, even cheapster Lauren could pay that. It's been adding such a pretty, classic, vintage vibe to my outfits. I'm kind of bored with my wardrobe here (it feels like I wear the same things over and over) so having a scarf to mix things up with makes me feel a bit more creative with my outfits.

Alright, now to crank up that AC for tonight and try and cool down before another day in the heat wave tomorrow! Hope you all are well; talk soon. x

With much love,


I'm 23 and Don't Drink: and That's Okay.

I don't drink

I'm nearly 23 years old and I don't drink alcohol.

I can.

I just choose not to.

I understand why people struggle to comprehend why I don't drink. Most people my age do. Most people even a lot younger than me do. There seems like no reason why you wouldn't. I can accept that confusion, but I can't accept the shaming.

It's my choice. Not yours. And you shouldn't make me feel ashamed of it. Or embarrassed. Or outcast. Or weird. I have no problem with people who drink. I don't hate them, look down upon them, want to change them. I'm just me and just because I don't drink nothing changes that. When invasive questions on why I don't drink are asked, it's uncomfortable. That I don't should just be enough.

"You don't drink? Okay, that's fine. We'll get you a Coke instead." And we can move on like it's no big deal. Because it isn't.

But people poke and prod and make me feel like this anomaly. "You couldn't possibly not drink, can you? Why on earth would you want to do that?"

Because I have OCD. Because I've struggled for over a decade with crippling anxiety that's left me in therapy multiple times and medication and countless panic attacks. Drinking triggers my OCD. So I don't do it.

I shouldn't have to tell people all that. To make my very personal struggles the first thing people know about me when they meet me. I should just be able to say I don't drink, and leave it at that.

Maybe what's worse than having them not just accept my choice is trying to change my choice.

"oh, well ___ doesn't get you drunk quickly"
"just drink a lot of water before hand and eat. You'll be fine."
"I've never thrown up, so you should be good."

People think that in .25 seconds they can offer me a solution that will fix all my problems. That will make me normal. Like them.

They don't realize that I've lived with this for 10 years? That I've thought of every possible solution and resolution to fix this "flaw" in myself that makes me an outcast to people my own age (and above) (and below)?

It's just a let down.

I can never shake the feeling after it happens. The shame haunts me through the rest of the evening, into the night, and when I lay cocooned in my sheets in the morning. Thinking about having people drawn to me like a spectacle, trying to fix me like a broken toy.

"Hey guys, get over here! You'll never guess what I just found out. Lauren doesn't drink! Can you believe that? Let's help her, let's figure it out. Let's get her to finally have some fun"

I just want people to accept that I don't drink and treat me like every one else. Also to respect my decision enough to trust that I know what's best for my mental health. And just because I don't drink doesn't mean I don't want to go out with you. I can still be out, have a fun time, and not drink. I don't want to be treated like an outsider. Like a charity case. Like a nut job. I just want to be treated as Lauren, who doesn't drink, but that's okay: she'll just take a water instead. x

ps. this cosmo article is actually really great on the subject and worth a read.

Achieving Clean and Clear Skin with Colleen Rothschild.

colleen rothschild review
colleen rothschild radiant cleansing balm
colleen rothschild sheer renewal cream
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clean face after wash
colleen rothschild legit

Hi guys!

For about a month now I've been testing out some skincare products from Colleen Rothschild to see how they would perform. I've had somewhat problematic skin for most my life. It's never been absolutely clear, so I'm always looking for products to add to my routine that will actually work and improve my skin. The big problems with my skin are:

-acne scars
-enlarged pores

All minor things in the big scheme of it all, but you only have one face. It's important to take care of it! I was excited when Colleen Rothschild Beauty  reached out for me to review some products. I'm usually a bit skeptical about skin product reviews because it takes awhile to see results and come to a real consensus on the product. Most companies don't have time for this process, and thus rush posting and reviewing. Colleen Rothschild gave me as much time as I needed to truly test the products and have my skin get used to them. I was sent two products: the Sheer Renewal Cream and the Radiant Cleansing Balm (their best seller; and for a good reason!). Although I liked both products, I was especially impressed with the Radiant Cleansing Balm and will mostly focus on that.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm is formulated to act as a high powered makeup remover and skin cleanser. I've been using makeup wipes to take my makeup off and although I use sensitive ones for the eyes, I always find they still burn a bit after makeup removal. Not only that, but I still wake up in the morning with mascara under my lower lash line no matter how hard I scrubbed the previous night! I was blown away with this stuff as a makeup remover.

Application is simple. Take the gel like substance and massage it over your dry face. Run the muslin cloth provided under warm water and place over your face to draw out all the impurities and makeup deep down in your pores. Then, you simply just wipe the balm off your face with the cloth and I swear...one wipe and it was all gone. My cat eye, red lipstick, and extra strength concealer. The balm has a gentle, soothing scent to it that I love right before bed time. It is the best feeling in the world to go to bed with completely fresh feeling skin!

Although the cleansing balm was my favorite, I still did really enjoy using the sheer renewal cream, as well. I found it to be moisturizing on my dry face without getting greasy--even in this crazy NYC heat. The renewal cream also acts as a defense against environmental elements which I really appreciate since that's not something you'll find in most  drug store moisturizers. With all of the smoke, dirt, and junk floating around in the NYC air, it has comforted me to know that I've got protection.
If you all would like to try something from Colleen Rothschild (I want to try out the Complete Eye Cream next for my dark circles!) you can use the code 'LIKE20' for the next week and get 20% off regular price items ♥

Leave any skin care products down below that you all are loving right now--- I'd love to check them out. x

With much love,


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